Founded in 1945, Rambaudi has marked the history of the machine tool with its milling machines and its machining centers.

In 2010 the brand Rambaudi joined the Fair Friend Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of machine tools, and is now on the market as a reliable partner for the supply of high-speed machines or high-capacity removal machines with 3+2, 5, 6 axes and for the supply of tailored solutions.

In Rivoli’s plant (Turin), 4 types of machine are manufactured: with moving column along the cross axis (T type), with moving crossrail, with fixed bridge and with mobile bridge.

Rambaudi produces machines for diversified fields going from mold and die, to general purpose machining, to aerospace. Sky Thrive Rambaudi is also a center for development of new Machineries for the Fair Friend Group.

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